Performance "Win(z)dhandel" (combination of stockjobbing and making profit in Dutch) (2006).Location: library of Lewenborg Groningen (Netherlands).

Visitors were offers books with pages glued together painted gold all over for a couple of guilders. A certificate was added (the number of objects was limited). The graphs suggested the objects would gain a lot of value and referred to "accountants" having seen it. It all was a comment on the way business was done back then.

Performance "Fear of the unknown" (2007). Location: Herestraat Groningen (Netherlands)

Dressed in a black habit even covering his face, Charles offered people Tarot-cards. The crowd responded in different ways.

Performance "Message" (2007). Location: Herestraat Groningen (Netherlands).

Shortly after the previous, rather gloomy performance, this time the message was positive. Passengers were offered a gold-painted pebble.

Performance "Conceptual" (2010) Location: Grote Markt Almere (Netherlands).

Charles was dressed up as a stereotypical painter. He offered people a free painting "with neither canvas, paint nor frame". As a matter of fact only a card with the title was offered, suggesting a painting. People had to read the text, stare an a wall and imagine the painting themselves. Sometimes people would get back and ask for another subject.